3-2-1 Lift off

Today, I launch my new website hosted on github. You find information on my research and teaching activities. [Read More]

IoT Bluemix Tutorial on IoT2016

On November 7, 2016 during the IoT2016 conference at Suttgart, Germany, Sebastian Mantsch and I gave an IoT Bluemix tutorial to the conference attendees. Our tutorial “IoT Platforms: Rapid Development of IoT Applications” implemented the following idea: [Read More]

SCM IoT hackathon @HHZ_BB

The 2-day IoT hackathon in the masters programme “Services Computing” (SCM) has finished. Students were introduced to the Living Lab process and implemented various IoT application use cases using the Bluemix IoT platform. Following the process and for the sake of the hackathon, they started in the exploration phase. Using... [Read More]