On November 7, 2016 during the IoT2016 conference at Suttgart, Germany, Sebastian Mantsch and I gave an IoT Bluemix tutorial to the conference attendees. Our tutorial “IoT Platforms: Rapid Development of IoT Applications” implemented the following idea:

Using sensing, computing and communication capabilities available in today’s smartphones and combine them with cloud-based IoT platforms, interested people can rapidly build their own IoT applications.

Firstly, we introduced the attendees to common building blocks of various platforms. Secondly, in the practical part, we focused on IBM’s Bluemix platform and the attendees implemented an IoT sensing device using their smartphones and added some simple rule-based reporting. Finally, upon certain sensor events, a Twitter post was created.

All tutorial ressources are provided online for your own rapid application startup. It utilizes free trial accounts of Bluemix.


Have fun,