DBM IoT Hackathon 2016 @HHZ_BB

IoT and Blockchain

Today we have seen the final presenations of the IoT hackathon in the Digital Business Management (DBM) masters programme. Participants were given the task to investigate IoT Blockchain applications. They came up with the idea of MileChain to fight possible milage fraud in used-car deals. Basically, the blockchain records historical... [Read More]

3-2-1 Lift off

Today, I launch my new website hosted on github. You find information on my research and teaching activities. [Read More]

IoT Bluemix Tutorial on IoT2016

On November 7, 2016 during the IoT2016 conference at Suttgart, Germany, Sebastian Mantsch and I gave an IoT Bluemix tutorial to the conference attendees. Our tutorial “IoT Platforms: Rapid Development of IoT Applications” implemented the following idea: [Read More]